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We offer four types of Push –pull cable ranging from 5mm threads to 10mm. These sizes apply to our standard product range. Alternative sizes can be manufactured on request. Simply e-mail or phone us for your specialist requirements. Typical applications of push-pull cable includes motor vehicles, plant, machinery, boats and commercial vehicles etc. Our low friction range is designed to work a temperature range of -60oC to 360 oC. This makes the cable ideal for use in extreme conditions where significant heat is generated such as as engine bays, exhaust manifolds, turbo’s etc and also applications where the outside temperatures fall very low.

We stock a wide range of fittings from imperial to metric and the push-pull cable is also available in a range of materials and sizes to suit the push-pull load needs.
The life of our cables are prolonged because the superior seals that we fit restricts dirt and grime from getting into the cable. Also, the push –pull cable that we manufacture  has a swaged binder  beneath the plastic outer cover. This gives the cable much greater longevity because if the plastic outer is damaged for whatever reason, the inner steel remains unaffected and perfectly operation.
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