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Outboard Cable

There are a number of applications where an outboard cable is required. Rib boats, Jet Ski’s, Yachts, Fishing boats, Racing boats, and any other Leisure boat with an outboard engine will all have a need for a throttle cable, a gearchange cable or a steering cable. We have recently done some throttle cables for a Ferry, for example.

Whatever your requirement, we will be able to provide you with the cable you need for your particular vessel. We can make replacement type cables for Kongsberg, Ultraflex, Morse and Teleflex. These cables will be of our own design and origin using our high performance cable components. They are highly resilient to the stresses and strains of every day operational life.

At Cable-tec, we have many years experience of cable manufacture in the marine industry and its applications.

In addition the cables will be manufactured to the latest ISO manufacturing standards and marine accreditations.

Contact us for your specific requirements and we will be able to turn your project around in twenty four hours if required.



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