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We at Cable Tec are experienced accelerator cable manufacturer’s based in Cheshire in the UK. Almost every motorised vehicle with an engine requires an accelerator cable. There are some makes and models of car that don’t because they are set up with a drive – by – wire cable–less accelerator , but most engines have their speed controlled via an accelerator cable.

This applies to buses, planes, trucks, cars etc and because we are accelerator cable manufacturers, we will be able to satisfy your requirements for whichever accelerator cable you need, be it a lawn mower or a three hundred person passenger jet, or anything in between.

Our aim in our manufacturing process is always to deliver aircraft standard quality – whether it is for an aircraft or not. We are very thorough and rigorous in using the best quality components when we are manufacturing accelerator cable.

If you are local to Ellesmere Port or in Cheshire, please come to our premises where we will be happy to discuss your particular requirements, and you can order straight away at our sales counter. We are happy to deal with orders whether they be in the UK or even further afield. Such is the quality of our products and service, we are continually sending our cables to the US. 


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