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Cable-tec are cable manufacturers based in Nottingham in the UK. We manufacture a wide range of cables for an even wider range of uses. Some examples of those cables are:

Whether your cable has snapped, seized, or failed, Cable-tec offer a twenty four hour replacement service whatever your needs. In addition, we also offer a trade counter while-you-wait service for your urgent requirements. We are able to replace any cable form or type, and cables are made bespoke to your requirements.

Call us NOW on 0151 355 0004 or Kevin Whincup 07836 280833 and we will help you to get the cable you need!



Rossfield Road, Rossfield Industrial Estate, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, CH65 3AW
Tel: 0151 355 0004 - Fax: 0151 356 8408 - E-mail: andrew@cable-tec.co.uk